Monday, 15 September 2014

Interesting times

In more ways than one.

There is, understandably, a call for military action, possibly including boots on the ground, to be taken against the self-styled Islamic State.  Those murderous thugs have cranked things up a gear with another execution, this time of a British aid worker.  They have also threatened the same fate for another British aid worker.  But just what action could - or, indeed, should - be taken?  It has been reported that security services have identified the murderer known as Jihadi John but are reluctant to take any action towards apprehending him in the concern that doing so would increase the danger to other hostages' lives.  There is also a view that military action against them is just what ISIL want - and sooner rather than later.  Perhaps we should be grateful that Messrs Obama and Cameron are not making knee-jerk reactions but are taking the time needed to ensure that action, when it is taken, is effective.  We must hope so.

Nearer home, this is the week in which the Scots will vote on whether or not to break up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  I am not alone in failing to comprehend just what the problem is with the way things are right now.  Many Scots complain of being treated as second class citizens, but none has yet managed to explain in just what ways that happens.  They complain also of being ruled by a Tory elite in Westminster, hundreds of miles away from Scotland.  But that is the same for people in, say, Newcastle - and it's not as if the Conservative Party is always in power.  I have only today seen a comment on another blog stating that the promises of devo-max recently made by the government are "lies".  There is so much more I could say - but it would make no difference to anybody - least of all those who are eligible to vote in this referendum who seem to have their heads stuffed full of porridge oats rather than brains.

I sometimes dream of being on a desert island with none of these things to bother me.  But doing an ostrich is not an option.

My main worry at the moment is not just nearer to home but actually in it.  My wife has been unwell for just over two weeks now and spends all day in bed, much of the time either dozing or sleeping.  She is getting weaker and has lost quite a lot of weight as her diet now consists of two apples and a small bowl of mixed fresh fruit each day, supplemented by a couple of cups of tea.  Hardly surprising that she is losing weight!  Last Tuesday the doctor rang to advise the results of blood tests and said he is referring her to hospital with the hope (expectation?) that she would hear within two weeks.  As I didn't speak to him myself, I'm not sure whether he expected her to have an appointment within two weeks or merely hear when she could be seen.  If we hear nothing today I shall ask for a chat with the GP and another visit as something needs to be done - and soon.

Interesting times indeed.


Buck said...

My best thoughts for your wife, Brian. I hope the medicos diagnose what's wrong with her quickly and her recovery is speedy.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thanks, Buck.