Saturday, 7 June 2014

Such a shame

I'm sure that I have mentioned before a house in a nearby hamlet (nearby to our village in France, I mean) which has enormous potential but which is, to the owners' shame, gradually falling down.  I know this is something that often happens in France, but there are some occasions that seem worse than most.  This is one of them.

The house concerned is on the edge of a small hamlet - maximum 12 houses - on the edge of a lake.  The house is fairly substantial - at least, it was once - with probably three bedrooms, two reception, kitchen, bathroom, garage and a small range of outbuildings.  The garden is not enormous and slopes down to the edge of the lake with open views to the west.  The sadly sagging, almost paint-free shutters seem to show how the house is feeling tired, worn out - and in desperate need of perking up.

As we passed through one evening last week, the sun was just slipping below the horizon and this was the view from the garden.


Jenny Woolf said...

Maybe the owner is old and worn out like the house?

Brighton Pensioner said...

Jenny, it's down to the French inheritance laws. The house is now owned by several cousins who are unable to agree what to do with it. So it stands there, gradually falling down. This happens quite a lot in France.