Monday, 23 June 2014

Quite a weekend.

Yep, one way and another it has been quite a weekend.  On Friday, the OB and I, along with another 30 or so, drove out to a village pub which has a skittles alley.  There we held the last event in this year's Lions Club Olympics for our local clubs.  I'm sorry to say that my first effort was abysmal - only three of the ninepins knocked over with three balls - but I did improve later and managed to avoid winning (if that's the right word) the wooden spoon.  Brighton Lions only managed third place on the evening but we did end as joint winners overall.  What's more, the buffet the pub laid on was splendid

That's one of the joys of England - the pub.  I have never managed to understand just why it is that other countries don't have pubs like we do.  My experience of what passes for standard drinking establishments - in other words, the equivalent of our pubs - in other countries is somewhat limited.  Indeed, in recent years it has been restricted to France, but in the past I have visited places in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Malta, Madeira and the USA.  None of them compare even remotely to the English pub, whether we be talking about a cosy country pub or a brash, Victorian town pub.

We used to visit the Royal Oak - the scene of Friday's gastronomic delight - more frequently as it was a convenient equidistant lunch venue when we met up with Bruce and Jane.  The pub has changed hands since then but seems as good now as it was then.  Tony (a fellow Lion) and we two have agreed to go there for lunch in a few weeks' time just to check it out.

I've managed to wander off the subject once again!

Saturday night was pretty awful.  Something had upset the OB's system and she had me up to help her to the loo about five or six times.  She stayed in bed all day yesterday - which meant I had to go without my Sunday roast!  I ended up quite surprising myself.  OK, I followed the recipe almost slavishly, but we had almost all the ingredients to hand for a pasta tuna bake recipe I found.  The only thing missing was the spring onions.  I did consider substituting garlic - of which I am inordinately fond - and I think it would have been better if I had.  All the same, the result was surprisingly tasty.

We both slept extremely well last night but, even though she is much improved, the OB has kept to her bed.  I shall have to give serious thought to tonight's meal.  Maybe a quick trip to Asda for a ready meal for one?


Buck said...

I'm with you on the British pub. I've been around the block a few times, as well, and there doesn't seem to be an equivalent anywhere else. I really miss my old "local."

Buck said...

I hit publish before saying I hope Yer Better Half feels better, soonest.

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I'm with Buck, on his second comment.
I have no expertise where pubs are concerned.
I can, however, say a word or two about neighborhood bars... they seem to be becoming extinct.