Monday, 16 June 2014

60 years

The Old Bat, who is just two years younger than me, has always expressed astonishment when I remark that, as a schoolboy in 1950s, I was expected to wear my school blazer and cap when leaving the house, even if I was going out for the day at the weekend and no school was involved.  And it was not just me.  This photo (just discovered stuck in a drawer) dates from 1954 and shows a group of us schoolboys at the age of 12 - the one on the left is only 10 - on a bird-watching trip.  You will note that short trousers were worn as well as blazers and cap!  That's me, third from left, at the age of 12.

And I can still remember the day my mother took me to Featherstone's in Rochester High Street to buy a pair of long trousers.  I felt extremely self-conscious in them.  Back in those days, no English boys under the age of 12 or 13 wore long trousers.  And jeans were unheard of - literally!


Sarah said...

What a great photo - SD is clearly out of his time as he is rarely seen in long trousers whatever the time of year or weather.

Suldog said...

There is something to be said for both styles of dress. Always being in uniform imparts a certain sense of freedom, actually, as no choice need be made. On the other hand, allowing a wider range of dress spark creativity.

joeh said...

I always thought a school uniform was a good idea, though wearing it on all occasions surprises me.