Tuesday, 8 April 2014

This and that...

...and there's still the other!  I have spent too long prevaricating and now have a mountain of paper piled on top of the laptop on the desk, behind the laptop, on the floor to my left - and some on the floor to my right which should have been thrown in the recycling several days ago.

I had to act as assistant deputy treasurer - or maybe it was deputy assistant treasurer - for the Lions dinner meeting last Thursday evening.  This meant that I had to ensure everybody paid their due whack, including a little extra as tips for the staff, and then pay the venue.  It was slightly complicated as the organiser of the meal had offered people a choice of two courses or three.  I had been given a list of those attending showing what they had selected and how much they were due to pay.  As the duty manager was apparently unable to use the machinery to produce a bill (he is new) we settled on paying what was shown on my list.  It was simple enough to write a cheque as I and another Lion there are both signatories on the account.

It was Friday afternoon before I got round to checking that I had the right amount of cash to cover the cheque.  But something had gone wrong; I had too much - £23 too much.  I easily accounted for £1 - somebody had overpaid - but it seemed to me that we had underpaid the golf club by £22.  I saw the treasurer on Saturday morning and handed everything over to him, explaining the difference.  We agreed that he would write a second cheque for the £22 which I would take to the golf club.  I did that yesterday morning, only for the people there to tell me that we had paid exactly the right amount.  The manager even fetched the list I had inadvertently left behind (which explained why I had been unable to find it on Friday).  Then I pointed out that beneath the fold was an additional name.  But they still insisted on giving me back £6.  I'll leave Tony the Treasurer to sort it.

Now I must start making inroads into the piles of paper.

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