Saturday, 8 March 2014

Another week done and dusted.

Well, nearly done and dusted.  And what has happened in this last week?  Nothing all that exciting; well, not as far as I am concerned.  There seems to have been a spot of bovver in a country called Ukraine which the West's politicians have tried to influence without any success and where they have no intention of following up their bluster with any real action.  There has been a trial started in South Africa, which seems to have our British media all excited but which leaves me completely cold.  The Met - that's the Metropolitan Police Service in London - are in trouble once again (when are they ever out of it?) with all sorts of allegations about cover-ups, lies, corruption and goodness knows what.

As for me, well, as I said, I had the car valeted at enormous expense.  I discovered some cousins who lived in San Francisco.  (Could it be that, if I continue searching, I will find that the Uncle Skip who is not my actual uncle but simply a "good mate" is really a cousin?)

And in other news, there is forecast to be a shortage of escargots.  A report in the paper mentioned that there is some sort of a bug which is likely to wipe out the entire population of those edible gastropods that are almost synonymous with French cuisine.  I rather like them, although I have to admit that snails really have just about no flavour at all.  What I like is the mix in which they are cooked and served: olive oil, garlic and mixed herbs.

So, on the subject of food, I am being asked to drive us to the local Marks & Spencer food store.  They are once again offering their "dine in for two for £10" deal which we consider very good value.  it comprises a main dish, a side dish and a dessert for two people, together with a bottle of wine.  It's almost as good as going out for a meal: no preparation, ease of cooking, and hardly any washing up!


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...


There's a pirate in Oldham who has a distant predecessor whose last name is the same as mine.

"...almost as good as going out for a meal..."

Don't you have to go out to get it?
Oh, yeah!
That's why it's almost.

Jenny Woolf said...

Mmmm, except that you do have to eat it at home .....well, sometimes that's nicer than going to certain restaurants, I suppose!