Friday, 3 January 2014

Those foolish things

We all do them from time to time - those foolish things, I mean.  I quite often read of people who have been booking flights or similar over the internet, only to find that they have booked something they didn't want.  I have always shaken my head and, perhaps, said. "Tut, tut" in a superior kind of way.  But now I've done it myself.  Three days ago I went online to me bank and made a payment to the Council for one month's council tax.  I always do this rather than give the Council authority to raid my bank account as I think it's just a bit safer.  Safer, huh!  I have been online to check my account today and was puzzled to see that the balance was considerably less than I expected.  On investigation, I see that I made a stupid fat-finger error when paying the Council.  Instead of the three-figure sum that was due, I paid a four-figure amount.  Granted, it was my own silly fault but now I've got all the hassle of trying to get the money back.  On the other hand, that will take care of most of the payments due for the next year if I just leave it.  It's not as if I would be earning any interest on the money.

In my defence, I would simply say that I was distracted part-way through the transaction.  Coming back, I realised I have not hit the "send" button and just did so without checking.  Even so, I still feel a complete idiot.

But I have now broken my cardinal rule and made a somewhat belated New Year's resolution: always, ALWAYS, double or triple check before hitting the "send" button!


Continuing our tour of Stanmer, today I am posting a picture of the church.  Granted, this is not the first time I have shown you the church but bhere it is again, at various times of the year.


joeh said...

How do you hit send before you che

joeh said...

Oh, that's how.