Monday, 27 January 2014

Reviews? Bah, humbug!

I may have said before that I can't remember my last visit to the cinema.  I would have said that my last visit to the theatre was even longer ago but I suddenly recalled going to the pantomime once some years back when the Lions took a party of schoolchildren.  And there was the time the Old Bat and I stayed with our daughter and she took us to see Miss Saigon.  The distaff side raved about it but, in all honesty, I was bored.

Given our non-attendance at both theatre and cinema, I can't see much point in wading through the reviews in the paper.  Granted, there are occasions when we might buy a DVD and watch a film but by then the film is so old that almost everybody else has forgotten it.  I do, however, glance at the television reviews.  Sometimes.

I have yet to work out if those reviewers the papers use are the same sort of people that I meet on a day-to-day basis.  It seems to me that when the reviewers give wild acclaim to a forthcoming show, both the OB and I disagree with them.  Perhaps the problem arises because the reviewers are arty types whereas I like to think that the old Dutch and I are plain, down-to-earth types.

And it's not just reviews published before a show is aired.  I sometimes glance at what the newspaper reviewer has to say about the previous evenings television.  I only do it sometimes because I am not really a masochist and reading the purple prose about a programme I watched for all of five minutes before pressing the 'off' button gets me agitated.  Or maybe, as was the case recently, the reviewer is just so . . .  Grrr!  Only the other day the writer was scathing about a programme, calling it 'twee', and going on to say, patronisingly, that he (or maybe it was a she) supposed it amused the masses - or words to that effect.

What's so special about reviewers, anyway?

Just think how awful it would be if, one day, I found myself sitting next to a reviewer at a dinner.  I would find it very difficult to bite my tongue but would have to try for the sake of my host and hostess.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Who reviews the reviewers?

Well, I suppose I shouldn't complain because it has been even longer since GS and I went to a flick... or even saw one on the tube.

joeh said...

We saw "August Osage County" Saturday. The reviewers call this movie a comedy. It is a good movie. THe acting is great...Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts (both always good) and others, but this movie was in no way shape or form a comedy...some funny moments, but if it is a comedy, "The Texas Chainsaw" crap is a romance flick.