Sunday, 12 January 2014

I've given up

I spent most of this morning trying to download new antivirus software, software that was recommended to me yesterday by both my sons.  First I went to the trouble of uninstalling the software that came with my new computer on the grounds that having two antivirus programs can cause problems when they start arguing with each other.  Then I tried downloading the new software.  Five times I tried and five times the download hung on me at the same point.  Now I've been stopped from trying any more times, five attempts being the maximum.  So I've downloaded a different package just to ensure I have some protection.  Meanwhile, I have emailed the other company asking for help, but I think I will just desert them - and ask for my money back.  There is supposed to be a 7-day cooling-off period.

But I'm cynical.


Blogger is playing silly buggers.  There were three comments to yesterday's post but not one came to me by email!


Cloudy and dismal outside today after a bright, sunny day yesterday.  Too dreary to bother taking photos today, but I did take this one yesterday while walking round the ramparts of the Roman Camp that is Iron Age but not Roman - if you see what I mean.  This is the view to the north-west over the golf course.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

Blogger is acting up.
Over at another blog I couldn't comment because there was no comment box.

Brighton Pensioner said...

I got that one!