Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Food, glorious food

I am most decidedly in a state of eager anticipation as the Old Bat is cooking steak and kidney pudding for tonight's dinner.
Steak and kidney, steak and kidney, steak and kidney pud,
That's the kind of lovely grub that really does you good!
I like steak and kidney pie as well, but for me, the pudding has the edge.  Mind you, I can fully understand why folks living in the semi-tropics - or even in an English summer - don't eat it; it really is a gut-filler, just what is needed on a cold day.

We had a frost again this morning - just.  It was only on the cars, though, with a faint trace on the grass in the park.  I see the temperature is forecast to stay at about 3 degrees today (that's Celsius, by the way) here in sunny Brighton (and the sun is shining) but we have not yet had any really cold weather.  There's still time, of course.  It has been noticeable that there have been far fewer birds on our neighbour's feeder this winter than the last couple so I presume the absentees are still out in the fields and woods foraging for themselves.  Long may it last!

But to get back to the main topic:  food.

I have memories, though I would hesitate to describe them as "fond", of eating in English restaurants about 50 years ago.  It was about that time that a chain of restaurants became popular - Berni's.  There's was a simple menu:  prawn cocktail for starters, steak and chips for the main course (although they did introduce surf and turf - something I never tried) and Black Forest gateau for dessert.  Oddly enough, although both the prawn cocktail and the Black Forest gateau went out of favour for many years, they have re-appeared on menus recently.

I am happy to say that English catering has come on a long way since the days of the Berni brothers!

I'm not sure about the mushy peas in this pic I've copied from Google, but doesn't the pudding make your mouth water?

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