Sunday, 6 October 2013

Wombling free

Today's earworm: the Wombling Song.

Our six year old granddaughter was with us for dinner yesterday (sausage and mash with broccoli, followed by strawberry trifle) and somehow the subject of the Wombles arose.  Since that television series dates from 1970 or thereabouts it was hardly surprising that Emily had never heard of them.  I was able to remember the first few lines of their theme song and my son found it on the 'Tubes.  Emily found it great to dance to.  Maybe you would like to as well?


Buck said...

Uh, well... errr... I think I'll sit this one out. :-)

Suldog said...

They never made it to these shores, so far as I can recall. Great tune, though. The brass section is wonderful!

It does remind me a bit of a show we had over here called The Banana Splits, which also had a catchy theme. If you'd like to hear it...