Friday, 9 August 2013

Deeply philosophical

I went to the tip yesterday morning with a load of garden rubbish.  The road I take crosses the race course - or maybe the race course crosses the road.  Either way, on race days thick mats are laid over the road and straw or grass cuttings are spread over them, which actually makes for an extremely slippery surface.

Parenthetical point: Brighton race course is unusual in thatit is horseshoe (or U) shaped, one of only three in England that do not prescribe a complete loop.

As I was saying, I had to drive across the race course.  Luckily, I went in the morning.  I had not been aware that yesterday was a race day.  Had I tried to go to the tip in the afternoon, I would likely have been held up, possibly for as long as 20 minutes.

There always used to be a sign on the approach to the race course warning drivers of a temporary road surface, this sign being uncovered on race days.  That sign seems to have disappeared, to be replaced by this deeply philosophical thought:

Seems to me to be a thought worthy of Uncle Skip.

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