Thursday, 8 August 2013


Well, I hope the day never comes when I become so blasé that I don't notice the beauty of the view when I open the bedroom curtains or walk the dog across the fields from the Upper Lodges of Stanmer Park.

There was a time when I commuted daily to an office in London.  My journey on the train took me past London Bridge and along the south bank of the Thames almost through the churchyard of Southwark Cathedral before turning over Blackfriars Bridge - with the reconstructed Globe Theatre just a bit further along and visible from the train.  Crossing the Thames, one could see Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Monument [to the Great Fire of London in 1666] and the dome of St Paul's Cathedral as well as the river traffic.  Sadly, I saw this sight so often that I became immune to the beauty of it and kept my head buried in my newspaper.

That happens even now on the fairly rare occasions that I journey into town.  My route on the bus, both into town and back home again, takes me past the Royal Pavilion - and I seldom give it so much as a glance.

However, I am determined that my eyes will not become blind to the beauty of the views over the Downs, whether they be from my bedroom window or the fields along from the Upper Lodges.  Like this one:

By the way, we haven't seen our robins around for the last two or three days.  Presumably the young have left the nest, but whether it was under their own steam or courtesy of one of the local cats . . .

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