Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too sticky

I am just too hot and sticky to think up anything to post today, besides which I've got a meeting later to discuss the Old Folks' Christmas Party.  At least the meeting is to be in a pub so I can have a shandy!

Just to keep things ticking over, here is one of those old 35mm slides with a picture of Eilean Donan castle in the western Highlands of Scotland.

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Buck said...

I can't wait for more o' yer slides if this example is indicative of the quality of the shots... but I will.

The first year we were in the UK The Second Mrs. Pennington and I took a two-week camping trip to Scotland... in April. The good news is there were NO crowds and we stayed in some magnificent B&Bs. The bad news is we froze our nether parts off and spent VERY little time in the tent... two nights, IIRC.