Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hidden treasure

Or maybe I should change the title to "Among my souvenirs".

Many years ago we had the loft partly boarded, a window put in the roof and created a room which was intended to be a playroom for the children.  Since they left home it has become my office-type space with my laptop computer and my desktop, plus two printers and an external hard drive for backing up.  It has become something of a glory hole as well with sundry boxes of stationery and numerous lever arch files.  There are also three dead laptops and a dead desktop computer.

[I wonder why they are called desktop computers as nearly everybody keeps them on the floor, whereas laptops are kept on the desk.]

The other day I was searching among the detritus for some card on which to print two or three copies of the Brighton Lions Club directory for those members without computers (yes, there are still some).  I was sure I had a few sheets but I'm blowed if I have been able to find it.

On the floor at the foot of the bookshelves (on which there are no books) is a cardboard box measuring about 18" x 18" and about 15" deep in which is stored an old Amstrad computer the bpoys advised me to hang onto, possibly as they thought that by the time I turn up my toes it might be a valuable antique.  At least, I thought there was an Amstrad in there.  Until, out of curiosity, I opened the box while looking for the card. 

So that's where they are!

I knew I had a lot more 35mm slides than I have been able to find and I had been puzzled about where they had disappeared to (and as I shouldn't end a sentence with whatever that word is I've typed a bit more).  What I had forgotten is that I had left many slides with a photographic agency in London.  When they went bust, I reclaimed my slides and left them in my office, which was also in London.  On my retirement I boxed them all up and brought them home, since when they have never been unpacked.

There were lots of other treasures in the box, such as correspondence from a genealogist concerning my family tree (I had been wondering what I had done with that as well) and an album of 10 x 8 prints from a few of my better slides.

So now I have a lot more work to do, scanning all those old slides.

And I still haven't found that card.


Another thing I have found is Internet Explorer.  I rarely use it as I prefer Firefox but for some reason it vanished from my desktop.  The link was there but if I ever tried to open IE, nothing happened.  This week it's come back.  Strange.


More foxgloves.  It's 25 years since I last saw so many in the local woods.  It was in October 1987 that hurricane force winds swept across southern England, bringing down great swathes of trees.  Where the sun was able to shine on parts of the woods for the first time in many years, huge numbers of foxglove seeds germinated in the summer of 1988.

These foxgloves are in Stanmer Great Wood, in an area that was coppiced three or four years ago, but this is the first year the foxgloves have bloomed.

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