Thursday, 11 July 2013

Perchance to dream

But before we get onto that, just a quick catch up from yesterday when I mentioned the first Ashes test.  England supporters were biting their nails as our side was bowled out for a paltry 215 runs.  However, things were soon made more even when the Aussies were just 19 for 2, though they made something of a come-back to end the day on 75 for 4.  Could be this match won't last the full five days.

Late yesterday afternoon things started to cool down and it was really quite comfortable going to bed.  I managed the best night's sleep for several days - and without dreaming (as far as I am aware).  I know I dreamed the two nights before - even though I can't remember too much about those dreams.  I do recall that in one of them I was with my wife, an elderly lady, another lady of an indeterminate age and my two younger children when they were children.  (What had happened to the elder son is still a mystery.)  We were trying to get to Euston station on the London Underground but were lost and none of the trains were going where we wanted to go.  It didn't help that my wife, with our two suitcases, and the other two ladies became separated from me and the children.

Those dreams can't have been a result of me eating cheese as I have eaten none for several weeks.  Perhaps it is all to do with my ka leaving my body.  Many years ago I read a theory that while we sleep, our spirits (or kas) leave our bodies and travel on other astral planes.  What happens while our kas are travelling comes back to us as dreams.

Yesterday evening the weather man told us that yesterday was the seventh consecutive day that temperatures had exceeded 25* somewhere in Britain whereas this time last year we had rain and floods.  Which just goes to show the vagaries of the weather here in England.  At least it is consistent in its inconsistency.

It is still a lot cooler - and cloudy - this morning so I am glad that I took the opportunity yesterday afternoon to go into town and take a ride on the Brighton Wheel.  I had noticed earlier that visibility was excellent - no heat haze - so I grabbed the chance.  The Wheel is on the seafront, right by the Palace Pier.  Well, it always used to be called the Palace Pier.  Now it has been renamed as Brighton Pier but most locals still refer to it under its old name.

This picture shows the Wheel and was taken from the Palace Pier.

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