Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It was nice while it lasted

We have had another brief - very brief - burst of summer.  Yesterday was the day for the monthly Scouting connections lunch, which was held at the Devil's Dyke pub.  This is indeed situated slap bang at the top of the Devil's Dyke, a popular scenic spot on the South Downs.  (I posted the legend of the Dyke, complete with photograph, here.)  The Dyke is the property of the National Trust and there is a £2 charge for parking.  As far as I could tell, there was no let off for blue badge holders so I duly inserted my cash in the ticket machine and displayed the ticket while we had lunch.

Quite surprisingly, there seemed to be little wind right up there on top of the Downs and it was pleasantly sunny and warm.  So much so that I decided to go back in the afternoon to walk Fern.  The car park ticket was valid all day so I had no need to pay again.  That was the first time this year I have walked the dog wearing a short-sleeved shirt with neither jumper nor jacket.  By tea-time the wind had risen and it was a lot less pleasant, but this morning it was again sunny and warm - and almost windless.  Again I walked the dog in shirt-sleeves but as I left the park I could see that a sea fret was coming up.

Oh well, summer was nice while it lasted.

This is the view looking west from near the pub.

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