Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Feeling smug

Yep, that's me.  It is not very often that I have an excuse to feel smug but such is the case today.  Or maybe it isn't really the case but I feel smug anyway.  Now, let me assure you that I know full well that you may very well have no interest whatsoever in why I have this feeling of smugness.  If that is the case I suggest you leave the room now, or simply move on to the next blog - which will, in all probability, be just as yawn inducing as this one.  But if, on the other hand, you are like me and are sufficiently curious to want to know what happens in the lives of other people, then read on.

I do, I really do think I have some justification for feeling smug.  I have finished writing the minutes of last Monday's zone meeting of the Lions and sent copies to the presidents and secretaries of all the clubs in the zone.  OK, so that last little bit was just that - a little bit.  As I have the email addresses in my contacts as a mailing group it didn't take very much effort to send the minutes out.  Along with an updated copy of the zone diary.

The other job I have managed to complete is also Lions-related, specifically Brighton Lions Housing Society.  Did I mention that earlier this year we discovered that we have, albeit inadvertently,  been in contravention of some of the rules for about 50 years?  Anyway, the chairman and I, in my capacity as secretary/treasurer, decided we should get the rules amended so that we are no longer ultra vires.  I have now read through the entire rule book and drafted the necessary amendments.  These have been sent to the chairman for his comments before the next meeting of the management committee.

And on Monday I mowed the lawns front and back, including the verge.  Just as well, I did it on Monday as we have had showers both yesterday and today.


Another mot juste I heard the other day.  I'm told this is an old Finnish saying.

Grandchildren are the dessert of life.


ABroad mentioned in a comment that she wants to visit the Royal Pavilion here in Brighton.  I have posted pictures of the exterior before but never of the interior.  Photography inside it not permitted, so here is a picture of a postcard showing the banqueting room.


Buck said...

Is that banquet hall still used? By whom?

And feel smug all ya likes. Small victories add up!

Brighton Pensioner said...

The banqueting room is set up just lie that but is onlu "used" as part of the tour of the Pavilion.