Thursday, 20 June 2013

Another worry

We had a Lions' meeting last night.  In fact, there were two: a meeting of the Housing Society management committee followed by a business meeting of the club.  I think I managed to behave reasonably well at the management committee but I do get bothered by business meetings of the Lions Club.

It's not always my fault.  At least, I don't see it as being always my fault.  But I haven't said what it is that bothers me.  We will gloss over the unkind comments made by various undesirables
on yesterday's post in which I said that I find it difficult to make small talk at receptions and similar occasions.  What bothers me is that at Lions' meetings I say too much.  There is seldom an item for discussion on which I have no opinion, and I always seem to make my opinion known whereas others manage to say almost nothing during the entire meeting.

But, as I say, I don't see it as being always my fault.  Sometimes it's because I am asked directly what I think about a proposition.  Whether that happens because I am known for having strong opinions or whether it is because I am one of the longer-serving members of the club and am therefore seen as a sort of eminence grise, I could not say.  Other times we sit in silence after a proposition has been made or a question posed.  Somebody has to start the discussion and that somebody, far too often, is me.  Like last night.  One of the Lions had asked for money for something (just what is immaterial) and we sat there until, finally, I asked how much he wanted (he hadn't said).  Anybody could - indeed, should - have thought of that question, but, as usual, it was me who raised my voice.

It sometimes becomes quite embarrassing, but I wonder how long meetings would last if I didn't speak up?


Yesterday we saw the village of Poynings from the top of the Downs.  The cricket field lies just outside the village.  Here it is.

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