Monday, 13 May 2013

Did it have to rain on my parade?

Rather to my surprise, when I opened the bedroom curtains yesterday morning, it was on a bright, sunny day.  This augured very well for the Lilac Lark, the fete organised jointly by Brighton Lions and the Friends of Withdean Park.  I am the lead Lion in this and I had drawn up and distributed a duty list allocating two or three Lions to each stall and sideshow we planned to run.  These included sweets, coconut shy, jewellery, plants, books, pig racing and bowling for a pig.  Obviously, there were a number of Lions who for reasons of age, infirmity, holiday or work whom I had not included - as well as several who never show up for anything - but I was extremely disappointed when no fewer than 5 members failed to appear.  Only one had had the courtesy to get in touch and explain why he would not be there, and I had been with one of the others only on Friday evening when we spoke about the event!  This meant that we could not reasonably run the bowling for a pig, but at least all the other stalls and sideshows seemed to be doing well in the sun - and wind.  And boy, was it windy!  The pig racing was as popular as ever with the youngsters.

And the first house of the Punch and Judy attracted a good audience.

(This post should have been put up on Monday morning and there should be a picture of Punch and Judy right here.  Whether it is down to Blogger or my computer I know not, but I have been quite unable to upload the picture.  It didn't help that I was off out to lunch today, a valedictory lunch for the retiring General Manager of the Lions Housing Society.  Rest assured that neither she nor her successor have been or will be on the sort of salary level expected by managers of football clubs.  I read that David Moyes, who is to succeed Sir Alex Wotsit at Manchester United and has been manager of Everton for 11 years, is leaving on a salary of £4 million.  £4 million!  And although Everton is a Premiership club, they have won no trophies for years.  Ridiculous.)

But at four o'clock the rain started and the crowds drifted away.  We got soaked clearing up.  Surprisingly, when I glanced in the mirror at bedtime I saw a red face peering back at me.  I had really caught the sun - or the wind.

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