Tuesday, 14 May 2013

All change

This is the picture of the Punch & Judy show that I was trying to upload yesterday.  I finally got there by shutting down the computer and rebooting, so it was presumably my computer causing the problem rather than Blogger.  There are even smaller children at the front of the audience, hidden from our view.

I think it is great that we are able to help keep this old English tradition going, although given the level of gratuitous violence involved I am slightly surprised that somebody hasn't tried to ban the show.  This picture was taken at the point soon after Judy has asked Mr Punch to look after the baby.  The Devil has just appeared and is trying to persuade Punch to throw the baby downstairs so as to avoid all the problems involved in looking after the baby.

We also had Morris dancers at the Lilac Lark, another old English tradition I'm happy to support.  Provided they don't impinge too much on my attention!  All the dances look much the same to me, either waving handkerchiefs or banging sticks, and all the tunes sound the same.  I find it all gets a bit boring after about three minutes.  But others enjoy it.


I had expected that this would be another day when I didn't manage to post until late afternoon but things have changed (hence the title).  I've been to the surgery for one of the practice nurses to take a blood sample for testing, currently a regular fortnightly procedure.  Then I expected to be called upon to drive to the butcher's but that has been deferred until after I have walked the dog this afternoon and will be combined with a leisurely stroll round the supermarket aisles.  And I really should cut the grass again - but it's started raining so I might well be able to put that off for a day or two.

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