Wednesday, 16 January 2013


You've heard of the Oscars, the Golden Globes and, possibly, the BAFTAs.  I am introducing a one-off awards ceremony known as the BSCAs, or Biskers.  But before we get to the awards ceremony, let me tell you a little of the background to the Biskers.

Some two, three or four years ago - I am unable to be too exact as my memory is fading faster and faster as my age increases, also faster and faster it seems - anyway, back then the Old Bat and I found that night after night we were sitting twiddling our thumbs and staring at a dark television screen.  Like so many of our generation - and, indeed, the following generations - we were quite unable to amuse ourselves with conversation or cards or by making music ourselves and we would sit gazing vacantly at the flickering images presented to us by one or other of the television broadcasters.  Except that we had found ourselves with nothing, absolutely nothing, that we wanted to watch.  On any of the 734 (or however many there are) channels.  That was when I started buying box sets of situation comedies.  My purchasing habits have extended a little and have recently included past television drama series and the occasional film.  Deciding on my most recent purchase was a tad difficult.  Should it be that 1970s drama, Colditz, or the sit-com from about the same time, Open All HoursColditz won, but it set me thinking (which is always a dangerous thing).  What, I wondered would I say was the best situation comedy of all time?  And so we have the Brighton Situation Comedy Awards, the Biskers.  But what, you ask, are the requirements for a show to be short-listed?  In fact, is there a short list?

Let's start with the second question as the answer to that is considerably shorter than the answer to the first.  No.  Well, not yet.

It is at this point that my intention was to launch into a full explanation of what attributes a show would need to display in order to be considered for the short list.  Unfortunately, I am unable to do so for two reasons:
  1. I haven't yet worked out just what those attributes should be; and
  2. I have an appointment with my consultant rheumatologist and need to leave almost right now.
It may be that those of an unkind disposition will read that second reason as an appointment with the men in white coats, but we'll let that pass.


To continue our mooch around the French market, we visit the baker's stall.  He has more than just bread on display.  There are also these rather tempting patisseries and charcuteries.

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