Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Biskers, part the second

Yesterday I introduced you to the idea of the Brighton Situation Comedy Awards, the BSCAs or Biskers.  Today I should like to tell you what the judging panel will be looking for when deciding which show to honour with this prestigious award.

Judging panel, huh!  There is only one member of the panel: me.

And you might be wondering what form the presentation will take and where it will be held.  Well now, I had been thinking of the coffee stall beside the roundabout at the junction of the A23 and the A27.  It seemed a reasonably accessible place with sufficient parking but there was one major snag.  If the weather on the day of the awards ceremony should turn out to be inclement, the crowds would be sheltering under just one large umbrella as this is basically an open air venue.  So I had second thoughts and have settled on the caff just beyond the Pylons on the A23.  Granted, it's on the southbound carriageway so attendees will need to drive up to Pyecombe and turn to come back to it.  But if it were on the other side, attendees would need to drive to Pyecombe to return home.  Anyway, there should be just about enough parking - and it is an indoor venue.

We (that's the royal "we") are in discussion with a number of celebrities and it is too soon as yet to announce who will be presenting the awards.  I am hoping that the evening's star attraction will be an actor from Porridge.  He was in the episode were Fletcher was admitted to the prison hospital and played the part of the man in the fourth bed on the left.  It was a speaking part, although I have to admit that his only line was to call, "Nurse!"

Oh dear, I've run out of time again and I still haven't explained what the judges will be looking for.  Well, there's always tomorrow.


Still wandering around the French market in Southwick Square.  Just look at these strawberry tartlets.

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