Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Out to lunch...

...or dinner.

I now have no fewer than three Christmas meal dates - two lunches and one dinner - and we are only half way through October.  I shall probably only attend one lunch, the one where I have a choice of dishes.  The other lunch is at a central Brighton hotel and the parking is abysmal so that one is off the calendar.  The evening meal should be good - it's at Herstmonceux Castle where I had a very acceptable meal earlier this year.  That is with the club for the blind and partially sighted for which I and another Lion act as volunteer drivers.  It's actually Ron's turn to drive that evening and I don't really fancy driving 30 miles on country roads to eat even a good meal only to be faced with another 30 miles to get home when it's late at night.  That leaves the Lions Housing Society lunch (for the management committee) at Tottington Manor.  So, what shall I eat?  The choices are:

French onion soup with a Parmesan crouton

Herbed marinated king prawns slow cooked in a lemon butter

Pan fried vegetable potato cake topped with spinach, wild mushrooms with parsnip crisps

Chicken liver parfait wrapped in Parma ham with compote of berries
 and homemade toasted brioche

Smoked haddock and spring onion tartlet, rocket and Pecorino salad
~ ~ ~

Roast Turkey with a sage, apple and chestnut stuffing
with smoked bacon wrapped chipolatas, roast potatoes and bread sauce

Fillet of salmon with a white wine and dill sauce
Pan fried breaded sea bass fillet with chunky chips and a spicy tomato sauce

Stuffed chicken supreme with sun blushed tomato, olive and mozzarella with a white wine cream sauce

Roasted aubergine stuffed with a plum tomato sauce topped with crispy rice noodles
~ ~ ~

Christmas Pudding served with brandy sauce

Raspberry and mango cheesecake with raspberry sorbet

White and milk chocolate mousse with a pistachio nut crust
Selection of ice creams and sorbets

~ ~ ~

A difficult choice as there is so much I like the sound of.


There is a delightful little park/garden behind the town hall in Pouancé.


Buck said...

I take it everything before the first tildes are all starters? I'd be glad to have the menu in advance, were it me... so I could change my mind a dozen or so times before I actually sat down to eat. Yum. ;-)

Uncle Skip, said...

There're way too many good choices. If I had from now to Christmas to decide, it would still be a poser.

#1Nana said...

You're pondering meals two months in advance? On the other hand, they sound like quite nice meals.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Most of the better restaurants get booked up so far in advance that it is necessary, Nana.