Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cheer up for Chatham

Sheerness is in sight!

Well, perhaps.  When I saw my GP for the results of the blood tests he very kindly confirmed that I have a dose of rheumatoid arthritis, something I already knew.  He went on to tell me that there are newer drugs than the anti-inflammatories I am taking now and that these are more effective in controlling the stiffness and the pain.  But there are side effects.  Of course.  And he wanted a specialist to talk me through those side effects before prescribing so he would refer me to the rheumatological department at the hospital.

A few days later, after nagging from the Old Bat, I asked the doctor to short circuit the system by referring me to a specialist as a private patient.  Yesterday I received a telephone call and I now have an appointment for next Thursday.  Could it be that within a couple of weeks or so I will be back to normal, able to walk the dog, dry myself properly after a shower, put on a pair of socks?

I have to admit to a certain ambivalence about "going private".  Yes, I can afford to pay for a consultation and if anything else is found to be necessary I can always switch back to treatment under the NHS.  And it's not my socialist leanings (which I don't think I have) that cause me to hesitate.  But it does bother me slightly that other people have to wait weeks and weeks for a consultation whereas I, who have a little money, can jump the queue.  I suppose, though, by going private I am leaving consultation slots for others.

My main reason for doing this, however, is the Old Bat.  She is partially disabled and I am her carer.  She is unable to walk more than a few paces without assistance so you can imagine the sight we have been with both of us hobbling along arm in arm.  But I hope that will soon be a thing of the past.


Hey - I managed to avoid all those cliches like light at the end of the tunnel!


I had hoped to bring you another picture of the South Downs today.  When I got out of bed the sun was bright and the sky was blue with a few puffy clouds - perfect.  After my shower the scene was the same with the Portland stone of the Chattri gleaming.  My camera was downstair.  By the time I had dressed the sun had gone a grey clouds covered the sky.  By the time I was downstairs it was raining.  So it's another bridge.  Today we are travelling to Colmar, Alsace, in the north-eastern corner of France.  The architecture here is different from anywhere else in the country with something of a Bavarian influence.


Uncle Skip, said...

Her's hoping for the best.

Buck said...

Good news on the medical front and I doubt if anyone would criticize you for "going private." Like Skip said: here's hoping for the best.

I love yer bridge pics, btw. Today's is especially charming. You have a great eye.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Gentlemen, thank you for your kind thoughts. And Buck, for your flattering comments about the pics.