Friday, 31 August 2012

After the Lord Mayor's Show...

...comes the dust cart.  An old saw often countered with another: dirt goes before the broom.  But this post is concerned with neither the Lord Mayor's Show, the dust cart, dirt, nor the broom.  So what the heckythump am I going on about?

I should think just about everybody - certainly everybody in England - knows that the Olympic Games ended a couple of weeks back.  But now we have the Paralympics.  In the past these have frequently been treated rather as a poor relation but I am pleased to note that is not quite the case this time round.  Admittedly, the television coverage on one of the lesser channels is not so extensive but there seem to be just as many spectators as were at the Olympics.

Yesterday I watched a little cycling and swimming - and the men's wheelchair basketball between Great Britain and Germany.  My, that's one viscious sport and I am full of amazement at the way those guys control both wheelchair and ball.  And to see a one-legged person cycling...

Admiration just isn't a strong enough word to express my feelings at the way these guys and girls have put aside their disabilities.


For today's bridge picture we head back south to the Ardeche region of France where we found this grass-grown crossing over the stream into a field.

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