Saturday, 12 May 2012

We'll gather lilacs

Did I mention... ?  Yes, I know I said we had been warned that filming would take place in our road last Monday for live transmission on national television.  It was a programme in a series about urban foxes.  I didn't carry out my threat to take the dog for a walk - just a flippant throw-away comment anyway.  But we did watch the programme and, sure enough, a roving reporter was shown during the first few minutes in what we recognised as a twitten running from our road to the next.  Later in the programme she was to be seen in somebody's back garden where a regularly visiting fox was trapped and fitted with one of those tracking collars.  And that was it for Brighton so there was no way I could have got even a few seconds of my 15 minutes of fame.

Things, however, could be different this afternoon.  Late yesterday evening I received a phone call from the presenter of a programme on one of our local radio stations.  She has heard of the Lilac Lark (a fete in our local park organised jointly by the Friends of Withdean Park and Brighton Lions Club) and wants me to tell people about it on her programme this afternoon.  At the same time, I have to request a record.  The Old Bat and I have been racking (or should that be wracking?) our brains tryning to come up with something appropriate.  The first thought for both of us was We'll Gather Lilacs but neither of us thought that suitable: too old - even before my time.  I came up with the one with the line "the lion sleeps tonight" but we couldn't remember the title: something like Woomerra I thought.  I've checked and it's Wimoweh or The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  Apparently either will do.  But I didn't think that a very good choice.  I also rejected Singing in the Rain as it has stopped raining and promises to remain fine until Monday.  I have finally settled - for now, at least - on Abba singing Waterloo.  There are three reasons:
  • this was the winning song when the Eurovision Song Contest was staged in Brighton so it has a local connection;
  • it's a lively tune;
  • I like the pun (water = rain; get it?).
It's just a pity that the radio station concerned is only listened to by wrinklies.  Still, we hear talk of the grey spending power so maybe...


We continue our walk around the Roman Camp.  There is a seat on the southern ramparts where, on a pleasant day, it is good to sit and admire the view across the golf course and the city out to sea.  Just like this couple were doing the other day.

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