Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stanmer House

So Stanmer House, surrounded by parkland and woods and facing the village church and pond, has been taken over and opened as an up-market restaurant.  Frankly, when I heard this I was expecting the prices to be way beyond my credit card but, as you can see from the menu on their web site, they have an interesting menu at prices that are not excessive.  Granted, they are a tad more than I generally reckon to pay, but I am known as a tight-fisted old git and these prices are no more than one would expect to see in the centre of the city.

And that is about all I have the energy for today.


Suldog said...

Lovely building. If the food and service is as nice, the prices seem quite reasonable. Enjoy!

Stephen Hayes said...

I'd love to dine here. Interesting menu.

Buck said...

The prices are reasonable, indeed. I'm hungry now... and there isn't anything, restaurant-wise, in P-Ville that comes close. (sigh)