Thursday, 17 May 2012

A little light reading

Today ve haf for you something a leetle different.

What you see above is a copy of a genuine document dating from 1702 concerning my 7 x great grandfather Simeon Waldegrave.  Considering this is a scan of a photocopy of a photocopy I think it has come out remarkably well.  Granted, the script does take a little time to understand.  I will post a transcription but only below another picture so that you can have an opportunity to work out the words for yourself.  It took me a long time so why should I hand it to you on a plate?

This is a picture I took in Ribeauville, one of the delightful wine villages of the Alsace region of France.  This is an area little known to the British but popular with German tourists.

That transcript I promised:

Borough of Portsmouth:  Robert Hewett and William Tooth do formally make oath that this day how at Portsmouth Simeon Waldgrave did in his dwelling house sell and retail beer and those depositioners do further make oath that they have heard and believe that the said Waldegrave is not licenced to sell and retail ale or beer according to the law.  Inv 14:9:1702   (signed) Robert Hewett  the mark of  X  William Tooth

Sadly I have no knowledge of what transpired but Simeon died just three years later.


Buck said...

Thank you for the transcript. I stared at the original for all of about 45 seconds before I gave up. ;-)

Uncle Skip, said...

I didn't wait as long as Buck.