Friday, 17 February 2012

We twiddle our thumbs - again

After the disappointing experience of dining in the hotel in Pouancé, it is pleasant to be able to recount that the bedroom was comfortable. It was decorated in a distinctly individual style which I find absolutely impossible to describe satisfactorily other than to say that the decor involved a strip of moulded paper about three feet wide running the whole length of one wall about half-way up from the floor. (Where else would it be up from, you ask?) This strip was a bright scarlet, almost exactly the same colour as the tunics of the Brigade of Guards. At intervals the mouldings incorporated into it took on the appearance of half a sphere bulging out from the wall. Highly individual. But the shower! What a treat! Probably the best shower I have ever come across in a hotel. And who cares about the decor when all one does in such a room is sleep?

But we did rather more than just sleep in that hotel room. And no, there was nothing along the lines of swinging from the chandelier. The next day there was little for us to do. The hotel had no lounge so we sat in the room reading. There were two chairs but both were hard and lounging on the bed was soon found to be more comfortable. We went across the road to the supermarket to buy sandwiches for lunch. There was a notice of the door of our bedroom advising that cooking in the room was verboten - sorry, interdit - but we had nothing on which to cook and any food we might have wanted to cook had been left in our house.

It was quite eerie being the only ones in the hotel that afternoon, the staff having left and locked up at three o'clock and not returning until six. I did try to gain access to coffee-making facilities, but to no avail, so we decided to take ourselves off the the Bar du Commerce where we would at least be looking at different walls!

That evening we ate at a much better restaurant - La Cravache d'Or in Pouancé where we have eaten many times before and where we were welcomed like old friends.

Dining at the hotel may have been disappointing but, as I have said, the shower was excellent and the bed was comfortable - and the next day our car should be ready for collection!

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Stephen Hayes said...

Altogether, not a bad life detour.