Sunday, 19 February 2012

Itsy-bitsy pieces

Time to become a little less egocentric than this blog has been of late. Mind you, I suppose most blogs are, by their very nature, egocentric in that the blogger expresses his or her views about all sorts of things.

(Oh, do get on with it!)

So Blogger made it somewhat more inconvenient for those wishing to comment on blogs where word verification is required. I had always used it in an attempt to eliminate spam comments but have now switched it off until Blogger sees sense once again. Almost immediately I received an email advising receipt of a comment from Anonymous asking for information about a programme that would post spam comments on thousands of blogs at once! Oddly, though, despite having received the email, the comment hasn't appeared.

Ah - just thought. Blogger does provide a spam filter. No doubt that comment has been diverted to the spam comment dungeon. I'll get round to checking some time.

I've done it. I mentioned weeks ago that I was thinking of packing in as the webmaster for the Lions district. I wrote to the District Governor Elect yesterday asking him to find a replacement for the next year, which he has taken on board. I rather suspect that my email was welcomed as I think he wanted somebody else in the job anyway.

Now, a mucky job awaits. The kitchen sink is draining more slowly than it should so I must dismantle the drain and clean out the u-bend. I may be back tomorrow.


Stephen Hayes said...

Good luck with that drain.

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