Saturday, 24 December 2011

Prince Philip

It is good to learn that the Duke of Edinburgh is recovering well after the scare of him being admitted to hospital last night. He's not everybody's cup of tea but I like him, although I have only met him the once. He speaks his mind and his occasional gaffes when he cracks a joke without thinking about it are most amusing as he never intends to hurt. I would love to have him as a dinner guest.


Stephen Hayes said...

I read in the paper that he was rushed to the hospital. Glad to hear he's recovering.

Buck said...

You've met Prince Philip? I'm impressed. Srsly.

#1Nana said...

Hummm, perhaps I should award demerits for name dropping?

I read that he will be spending Christmas in hospital so it must be serious.

Merry Christmas.

Skip said...

Just about any surgery for a 91 year old man is serious. But I have heard the prognosis is good.