Saturday, 26 November 2011

That was the week that was

There's a blast from the past! My title is the title of a satirical television show from many years ago - the early 60s, in fact - on which the young David Frost made his name. I didn't start out intending to write about ancient history and I could just as easily have misquoted Ronnie Barker's well-known line, "It's been a funny sort of day", as he closed up at the end of each episode of Open All Hours, a British sit-com.

Yes, it's been a funny sort of week.

(I'm posting this on the laptop while I back up my photographs from the desktop PC to a stand-alone hard drive. It says there are another eight and half hours to go!)

Anyway, back to the funny sort of week. The Old Bat felt unwell on Tuesday and stayed in bed, just coming downstairs for a couple of hours in the evening. Same again Wednesday, but on Thursday she forced herself out of bed in the morning although still not really feeling up to it. This is a strange sort of illness and, as she has had similar attacks at least twice already this year, I have persuaded her to see a doctor. She has an appointment next Wednesday, the first day her doctor of choice will be in the surgery. It's difficult to put a finger on just what is wrong: general listlessness and feeling unwell, lack of appetite etc. At the same time, I have noticed a sudden, sharp deterioration in her condition re walking etc. I was not aware that CBD could go in leaps and bounds with periods of stability in between in the same way that MS does, but that seems to be the case.

(Less than three hours left to back up the photos now.)

I'm no great shakes in the kitchen although if really pushed and up against it, I can manage to fry a couple of rashers. Anyway, I decided on Tuesday to treat myself to fish and chips. I particularly like fish and chips (but leave out the mushy peas, thank you very much) and have not had the dish for many months, maybe even years! We have a chippy quite close to us which was for many years owned by a Chinese lady. Nobody knew her real name and she was called Wendy by all her customers. She sold the best fish and chips in town - then one day she wasn't there. The new proprietors of the chippy didn't have Wendy's touch and the standard fell. When I went into the shop on Tuesday evening I saw that it had changed hands once again. The food seemed OK although still nowhere near as good as Wendy's, but it played havoc with my digestive system on Wednesday and I just had to take a chance to walk the dog. I was supposed to be calling bingo for the old folks in the evening but I didn't dare and had to arrange a stand-in. Wednesday's dinner was two slices of toast!

But come Thursday I was fine. I drove the OB to a village the other side of the Downs because we like the meat at the butcher's shop there and because she wanted to order the Christmas turkey. In the afternoon my younger son brought our granddaughter round after school. She was in splendid form. I don't really remember much of our own children at that age (she is 4 and a half) and it is wonderful to see her develop. Every grandparent thinks his/her grandchildren are the best in the world, naturally, but I am amazed at the extent of her vocabulary. Her reading is also very good and her mental arithmetic astonished me. I am so lucky to have all three of my grandchildren living so close and to be able to see them as often as I do.

Yesterday also had its interesting moments. The OB didn't feel like driving to Southwick for her regular seesion at the MS Centre so I took her. After I had done the shopping I drove to Old Shoreham. First stop was at the old church, St Nicolas, which is a Grade 1 listed building dating, in parts, from the 10th century. There are some interesting Norman arches in the tower and I was surprised by the number of war graves in the graveyard, both first and second wars, including one rarity, the war grave of a woman.

Then on to Mill Hill, out on the Downs, for a chance to photograph Lancing College across the River Adur. I have known for many years that there is a road out across Mill Hill to Truleigh Hill but I have never ever been there. The photos will eventually end up on the Stanmer photo blog.


Stephen Hayes said...

I hope the two of you find a healthier rhythm in the days to come so you can both enjoy life to the fullest.

Buck said...

I hope your wife is better this weekend, BP. You too!

The Broad said...

I hope Mrs. Brighton Pensioner is feeling better soon. I'm with you re mushy peas! Sorry you had such a violent reaction to your fish and chips -- good chippies are hard to find...

Brighton Pensioner said...

Thank you, all of you, for your kind thoughts. Fortunately, my explosive condition was soon a thing of the past. I had thought the Old Bat recovered as well when she got up on Thursday. However, the recovery was fairly short-lived and she is bed-bound once again today. She must be feeling very poorly to have missed our grandson's baptism this morning. She has an appointment with her favourite GP on Wednesday, the first day said GP is back in the surgery, but I suspect this is one of those illnesses impossible to diagnose.