Thursday, 25 August 2011

Coming up

The next couple of days promise to be busy so I have scheduled pictures to be posted over on the Stanmer blog. Today I am one of the party of Lions to greet the Mayor when she visits the Lions Housing Society's properties at Lions Gate and Lions Dene. I dare say there will be pictures to post on the Lions' blog but in the meantime you can see pictures of the properties (if you are at all interested) over here.

I rather expect that I shall be driving She Who Must Be Obeyed to her weekly session in the diving bell tomorrow morning and then on to the supermarché - or I will go to the supermercado while Madam is in the gas tank. Her car is still out of commission and I rather think she would prefer not to drive mine in the supermarket car park. That should take up most of the morning, then I will have to walk the dog after lunch and, if the weather forecast is wrong and the rain holds off, the garden will be calling. The clematis over the arch leading to the vegetable garden was a picture earlier this year but is now in desperate need of a haircut!

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