Wednesday, 13 July 2011

It's worrying

I usually try not to run reposts but my memory has let me down twice in the last few days. As a result, two posts have reappeared, one pretty much word for word while the other was written from scratch on both occasions. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing in particular against reposting material but I would prefer it to come with a standard health warning.

"Warning: this post may lead to feelings of déja vue"

On the other hand, I get the feeling that most of the semi-regular readers of my ramblings are, well, how can I put this nicely? I'm not in the business of offending people purely gratuitously. Let's just say that they have all reached an interesting stage of life.

Getting older is interesting. Well, I find it to be so. There's the interest involved in opening the cupboard and trying to remember what you were looking for, the interest in trying to find the tea bags in your sock drawer. And what about when you've caught the bus, taken a half-hour ride into town - and then have to walk round all the shops trying to remember what you set out to buy?

Set against that two reposts in a week are mere flea-bites so perhaps it's not worrying after all.

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