Tuesday, 5 July 2011

End of the line

A few days ago, Quedula posted on her Brighton Bits blog a picture of trolley buses at Fiveways. Fiveways, for those who don't know Brighton, is a junction on the Ditchling Road, this being the road that runs up from the centre of town, heads over the Downs by way of Old Boat Corner to Ditchling Beacon and then down the steep northern face of the Downs to the village of Ditchling - not that that has anything to do with this post but I just threw it in as a bit of gratuitous information that you might find comes in handy one day, or maybe you won't. Either way, you've got it. That picture showed trolley buses on route number 26. (Bus number 26 still runs up Ditchling Road but goes a bit further than the old trolley buses did.) Anyway, the end of the line for the old trolley buses was the junction of Ditchling Road and Surrenden Road where there was a semicircular sweep for the buses to turn round. It's still there today.

The bus shelter is one of just two like that, the second being further down the Ditchling Road at the junction of Hollingdean Road. Both are, I believe, listed buildings.

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Suldog said...

Little bus shelters like that somehow warm the cockles of my heart. I mean that quite sincerely. I've always liked it when the wait for transport can be had inside a comforting structure rather than outside in the elements (whatever they may be at that moment.)