Thursday, 5 May 2011

A puzzle

There are a few other blogs I like to look at on a daily basis. I follow these through my dashboard and the reading list produced on it. There is, however, one thing about this which has me puzzled.

Nearly all the new posts on the blogs forming my reading list are shown there almost as soon as they have been posted - it seems to be pretty much instantaneous. Except for one blog. Why Uncle Skip should be singled out for special treatment by Blogger is what is puzzling me. Take his post yesterday. It is timed at 5.50am. Since that is Californian time and I am in Merrie England it works out eight hours later for me, say 1.50pm on Wednesday 4 May. Yet according to my reading list it was posted just an hour ago - 11.00am Thursday 5 May. But in the meantime I have gone direct into Skip's blog and found that post. Weird.


Uncle Skip, said...

I doubt seriously I have been singled out. It's more likely Blogger is acting up again and WHTPFIHC is the only one on your sidebar that's affected.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Stop trying to pass the buck, mate! It's you being singled out for special treatment. Your post for today has yet to reach either my sidebar or my dashboard reading list. Have you paid your subs yet?

Uncle Skip, said...




Brighton Pensioner said...

Now don't get upset - it was merely a passing thought.