Thursday, 26 August 2010

Grumbles and groans

It seems scarcely possible that just a couple of weeks ago I was complaining about the lack of rain. The trouble is that when it starts, it seems to forget completely that it should also stop. At least the grass is green again - and it needs cutting again but it's far too wet to do that. There is one thing to be said for English weather: it is so changeable that it makes an ideal topic of conversation. I'm sure that is why almost every conversation in England starts with a remark about the weather. 'Nice today' or 'Bit breezy, isn't it?' are typical starters. I don't think it happens to quite such an extent in France, although when we visit one particular restaurant the conversation with the patron always includes remarks about the weather. Of course, it may be that he is being polite and deferring to what he conceives as an habitual custom of his guests. But whatever the weather, you can be sure that it is wrong for somebody. Farmers, in particular, seem always to want something different. Of course, this wet, windy (and fairly cool) weather is hardly ideal for those family bucket-and-spade holidays at the seaside and I feel so sorry for people who, for whatever reason, are holidaying in England with children. They (the children) go back to school next week - I think - so the weather will almost certainly cheer up pretty soon. I certainly hope so.

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Uncle Skip, said...

Weather seems to be the ice breaker used by English speakers almost universally because it is something we all have in common.