Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Getting wet

There were nowhere near as many people as usual in the park this morning - just because it was raining! I sometimes wonder if some of those poor dogs that aren't taken out in the rain are expected to cross their legs all day?

While I am glad to see the rain as the garden needs it pretty desperately, I was less pleased to discover that we have a hole in the roof. Not the 'real' roof, but the roof of what we call the conservatory. We had an extension to the kitchen built some 30 or so years ago and, at the same time, had a bit built on at the back of the living room to provide space for the freezer, the tumble drier, wet wellies and rainwear - and muddy dogs. This so-called conservatory is roofed in corrugated plastic sheets, all but one of which have been there since day one. (The other one had to be replaced in 1987 after the hurricane had dislodged a roof tile which fell through.) Anyway, I let the dog into the garden first thing and all was well when I let her back in. Just half an hour later, the place was flooded out. I mopped up half a bucket of water - and another half a bucket quite soon after that. OK, it's nothing like as bad as those poor folks in Pakistan have got, but it's annoying. I just hope the rain eases off before we go to bed tonight or I shall have to be up all night.

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Uncle Skip, said...

Sorry that you're not fully enjoying the break in the weather.