Saturday, 19 June 2010

What? No bacon?

Last Monday, when I was released from court for a lunch break, I wandered across the road past a sandwich bar that didn't attract me greatly, then down a side street where I came across a pub. I decided a glass of wine and a sandwich would suit me very well so I went in. I was the only person on the customers' side of the bar and there was just one person behind the bar, tucked into a corner with his (or maybe it was her - I couldn't see him/her very well) back to any potential customers and quite obviously not interested in serving anybody who might dare to venture in to what was not a particularly inviting pub anyway. There was no obvious sign that food of any sort was available but I found a sheaf of menus tucked away in the corner of a windowsill. No sandwiches featured and I had failed dismally in attracting the attention of the barman/maid. I left.

Back nearer the court, in fact almost opposite, I came across another sandwich bar which looked a little more inviting than the first. Indeed, considerably more inviting. I ordered a bacon sandwich and a coffee, surprised to note just how reasonably priced all the sandwiches were. When it had been established that I wanted to eat in, I was invited to take a seat upstairs where my food would be brought to me. That sandwich was so good that I have been back there every day, but yesterday they had run out of bacon! I had to have a sausage sandwich instead; very good, but I prefer bacon. I hope they don't run out again next week as I shall be back.

One other thing I have discovered this week is far more personal. I was absolutely exhausted yesterday evening. I found this surprising, until I realised that although I have not been undertaking anything resembling physical exertion, I have had to concentrate for longer periods of time that has been my custom for the eight years since I retired. Indeed, even before I retired it would rarely have been necessary for me to concentrate on one thing for such long periods. I was lucky enough throughout my working life to have jobs that involved variety so that I would spend perhaps an hour or two - or maybe even shorter periods - concentrating on one thing before moving onto something completely different. It is, perhaps, hardly surprising that having to concentrate on a case involving a dozen or more people, each of whom seems to have a nickname and each of whom is sometimes referred to by their given name and sometimes by their nickname (are you keeping up, dear reader?), when I have never been used to such mental activity has taxed my powers somewhat. Thank goodness I have a weekend in which to recover - and the case is scheduled to end on Tuesday anyway.


Uncle Skip, said...

Gee! I was hoping for a new bacon recipe ;-)

Brighton Pensioner said...

So sorry to disappoint you.