Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Over on Fern's blog I've posted a picture of a hawthorn tree in full bloom. During the latter part of last week and the weekend we had perfect clout casting weather, but today it is considerably cooler and wet. The cynics amongst us would say that the English summer has arrived.

But there is good news. SWMBO was back at the hospital yesterday for another session of physiotherapy on her wrist and was told that she can now get back behind the steering wheel. Tomorrow it will be exactly five months since she broke her wrist, and it is therefore a good five months since she last drove. Come to that, it's five months since she dd a lot of things. She hates having to admit it when things become too difficult for her as a result of the CBD and I think I am expected to use some sort of ESP to know when I have to offer to take something on. The broken wrist has probably given her a perfect excuse to stop doing the supermarket shopping or hanging out the washing.

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