Monday, 21 June 2010

Good morning, evening

I will freely admit to being a person who slips very easily into a routine. My regular morning routine, for example, is to shower, dress, let the dog out, feed the dog while I make tea and start the coffee filtering, take a cup of tea to her ladyship, eat my breakfast, wash up, walk the dog, have another coffee, then switch on the computer and, after checking my email, post to this blog. That routine has gone out of the window for the time being and I have tended to post blogs in the evening, scheduling them to appear the following morning. This one, for instance, is being typed on Sunday. But today (Monday, that is) I shall have no time in the evening for posting blogs as there is the penultimate round of the Lions zone Olympics and I have been selected for the team. I say 'selected', but that implies there were more Lions wanting to take part than there were places available. In fact, I volunteered on the basis that although I am useless at two of tonight's events and have never attempted the third, I was prepared to make up the number if it became necessary. And it did. So, tonight I shall be playing shove ha'penny. I just hope I manage better than I did in the curling competition. And anyway, there is always the chance that our darts and pool pairs will be good enough to bring us a few vital points.

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Uncle Skip, said...

Back in the day when I was allowed sharp objects I played darts. Now I worry that darts and pub almost always appear in the same conversation.