Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A busy time for Brighton Lions

I've only just realised what a busy time Brighton Lions have had over the last two weeks. There have been very few days when one or more Lions have not been engaged in some form of activity on behalf of the Club from service to fund raising to social. It started two weeks ago today when transport was provided for stroke patients. Then on the Wednesday there was a business meeting of the club, with an outing to the zoo for children the following day. Friday was, I think, a blank day, but Saturday saw members fund raising at Rottingdean Lions fair and Sunday at Adur East Lions donkey derby. Monday was a social evening - a pub games night in the zone inter-club Olympics - and there was the funeral of one of our members on Tuesday. Bingo sessions for senior citizens were held on Wednesday and Friday evenings, with an outing for Housing Society tenants in between on the Thursday. Saturday was another blank day, but Sunday we held our fun day in the Pavilion gardens. Yesterday evening was the final Olympics event, skittles. I regret having to report that Brighton Lions did not excel themselves. We came 6th out of the six clubs there. But at least we were there, unlike one club. Our dismal performance meant that we were unable to recapture the overall lead in the competition and we ended in thirds place. The incoming zone chairman has indicated that the competition will be run again next year as we have had such enjoyable social evenings.

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