Friday, 23 April 2010


The television news programmes and the newspapers have, understandably, over the last week been filled with pages of drivel about the forthcoming election and the closure of British and European airspace. However, a few other bits and pieces have got through. Among them was the news that a girl of 5 (yes, five) had hit a hole in one. Admittedly, the hole was only 86 yards long, but still . . . What I want to know is who is treating that child so cruelly as to make her play golf? And, furthermore, how come she can hit a golf ball when I can't?

At almost the other end of the age spectrum, a man in his 60s was stopped by police under suspicion of driving under the influence. When the breathalyser showed otherwise, the police searched his car (On what grounds, I wonder?) and found a pen-knife in the glove compartment. This, he explained, was used for cutting fruit on picnics (or perhaps it was part of his car's toolkit), but he was charged with and pleaded guilty to carrying a offensive weapon. I just hope no police ever search my trouser pockets . . .

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Uncle Skip, said...

Other end?
I put that somewhere nearer the middle.
That five-year-old girl obviously wasn't playing at Augusta National.