Monday, 26 April 2010

The roast beef of old England

That was yesterday's dinner - roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, carrots and broccoli, followed by creme brulee for dessert. OK, so there was nothing particularly unusual in that menu, except that the beef was the best I have eaten for a long time, tender and full of flavour. It is certainly worth paying that bit extra at our butcher's rather than buying meat in a supermarket. This beef was Scotch and probably grass-fed. It had definitely been hung for the proper time.

Creme brulee (yes, I know there should be accents on the first and third letter "e" but I can't be bothered to cut and paste) is one of the specialites de la maison.

All in all it was a memorable meal, and now its time to sort out some bread and cheese for lunch.


Uncle Skip, said...

Crème brûlée... yum... makes bread and cheese seem so pedestrian.

We barbecued the first steak of the year. Enhanced it with baked beans.

Brighton Pensioner said...

OK - so you took the trouble to do the accents! But freshly baked bread (home baked) and good mature Cheddar pedestrian? Maybe - but still very good. I hope you had potatoes in their jackets with the steak - with lashings of butter and a good sprinkling of salt?

BTW - devilled kidneys tonight, followed by apple crumble. Can't be bad - especially when I don't have to cook them!