Sunday, 25 April 2010

Of cabbages and kings

So I did get down the garden yesterday which means the onion sets are in and the parsnip seeds sown. Today we are having occasional showers which the garden really does need.

I was flicking through photographs and was amazed to see that it is three years since our Italian holiday. Two of the pictures brought home to me how much we prefer to get away from the main tourist areas, although we do nonetheless like to see the "big" sights such as the leaning tower of Pisa. The smallish town of Greve-in-Chianti is supposedly famous for its triangular piazza and this was one of the places we visited.

The piazza turned out to be surrounded by shops selling tourist tat and was crowded with tourists, cars and delivery vans. I suppose it didn't help that the sun wasn't shining on the day we went.

Nearer to where we were staying and seemingly undiscovered by tourists (and happy to stay that way) was another smallish town - Figline. This also has a triangular piazza which is, to my mind, much more attractive than that of Greve.

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