Monday, 29 March 2010

To continue

We reached home about 9.30 on Saturday night and after I had unloaded the car we sat down to a hot drink and opened the stack of post that was waiting for us. I guess three-quarters of it went straight into the recycling bin and half the rest through the shredder. One of the items I decided I ought to keep (and deal with) was a bill for the gas that had been delivered to our tank in France while we were there! The we turned to the answering machine which was winking its red light, but there was just one message which had been there since the previous Sunday when a fellow Lion had rung to tell me his wife had died. This was hardly a surprise as she had been ill for years and in hospital for several weeks, Geoff having been warned it was just a matter of time - days, weeks or months. Thankfully it was not too long drawn out.

Sunday morning I checked the Lions' answering machine - no calls - and my email. 1700+ in the spam folder and just 45 in my in-tray, although some of them were spam that had not been caught. Others were close to spam and I soon whittled the number down to 19 that I wanted to read. Having opened some of them, I decided that I didn't really want to read the attachments, so a few more were dispatched to wherever deleted emails go.

I think I have answered (or otherwise dealt with) all but one of those that were left and I must get onto that one right now.

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