Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Change of plan

I had intended posting a book review today but I'm going to take the opportunity to vent my frustrations. Yes, it really has been one of those days - and we're only about halfway through the afternoon so far.

I had to take Madam to the hospital this morning for a check-up on her wrist, which has not come on as it should have done. She still has way too little a range of movement in it. The appointment being for 9.20, I drove the dog to the park for a quick walk (we usually walk there) before leaving for the hospital at 8.45, arriving in plenty of time and finding - miracle of miracles - a parking spot almost as near to the door as one could get. Up till now, the Old Bat's appointments have run very well to time. Not so today: we were kept waiting until 9.50.

Then, on the way home - just after I had remarked that we would be home in very good time for coffee - we were flagged down by a lady asking if we had a mobile phone. An elderly lady had fallen in the street and an ambulance was needed. I waited while the ambulance was called and directed that the lady be left where she was without being moved, that she be given a pillow and a blanket, but absolutely NIL by mouth. So we eventually got home and had coffee.

After that, the Old Bat decided we should go shopping together, although we really had not a lot to get as we shall be away again over Easter. Still, she brought her credit card so I wasn't complaining - until I had unloaded the trolley at the check-out (1 large bag potatoes, 1 large sack dog meal, 1 tin dog meat, 2 x 2 pint bottles milk, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste, and what seemed like a hundred Easter eggs). It was then that Madam announced she had forgotten her PIN! I hadn't bothered with my card - she had taken hers after all - so I had to load the trolley up again and drive home to fetch my card.

Getting on for lunchtime now, but just enough time to fire up the computer and check my email. But when I closed down yesterday I had got that wretched "updates to be installed" warning. Things seemed to go pretty well when I first switched on, with none of the "configuring update 1" nonsense, but after half an hour I was still not able to open any programmes.

Lunch, then walk the dog again in the teeming rain (why do we do such daft things as own dogs?).

Back to the computer, which seemed to have hung somewhere along the line, so I switched off at the mains and started again. Bingo! Up and running.

Open the email programme, but it wont open properly AND I CAN'T READ MY BLOODY EMAILS!!!


Uncle Skip, said...

"...then walk the dog again in the teeming rain (why do we do such daft things as own dogs?)."

What do you mean WE, kemo sabe?

Brighton Pensioner said...

We = She Who Must Be Obeyed and me. And guess who wanted a dog in the first place?