Saturday, 28 November 2009

In the garden at last!

A fine blue sky greeted me when I opened the curtains this morning and it was still blue when I set out after breakfast for the first of Fern's two daily walks. I should have known better than to wear a fleece instead of a waterproof: it started to rain just as we were leaving the park. Fortunately, it wasn't very heavy and had stopped by the time we had walked home. With blue skies once again, I spent some time tidying the garden - a little light pruning, some not so light, and cutting down the raspberry canes. There were still four berries on them that were worth eating. I think this is the latest date on which I have ever picked raspberries. I also lifted a couple of parsnips which the OB will, I hope, roast with tomorrow's joint.

We finally solved the problem of the metal bucket she wanted for forcing rhubarb. No, we didn't find a bucket, but it occurred to one of us that we might be able to buy a metal wastepaper basket. I ordered one from my regular stationery suppliers last weekend, and it arrive at 7.30 on Tuesday morning. Other orders placed through the internet last weekend took a little longer. There were the seeds for next year's vegetables (arrived Thursday) and as I had managed to get the OB to choose the pictures for next year's calendar after a wait of about three weeks, I was able to order that as well and it arrived yesterday.

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