Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Last week's issue of our local free newspaper (newspaper - that's an oxymoron if ever I saw one!) had an article which started off by saying, "Brighton's biggest fireworks display is back again". I not unnaturally expected to read about Brighton Lions' display, but no, it was about another one. The article went on to say that this display would last for 25 minutes. As that is not much more than half the length of the Lions' display, I thought that calling it Brighton's biggest was... inaccurate, shall I say? To rub salt into the wound, they didn't even mention the Lions' display. I have written to the editor in the hope (probably a vain one) that a correction will be published this week. In the meantime, while driving around the town the last couple of days I have spotted a number of fly posters for the other display. I am tempted to print a load of slips saying CANCELLED with the idea of going round one night to paste them on the posters. Tempting, but I probably won't. In fact, I certainly won't. But I would like to.

The headline on the next article in said paper reads, "Recsession makes Sussex roads safer".

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Skip said...

Our rag is publishing corrections almost daily... too bad they don't put them where folks will see them.